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Sample Speaker Topics:

  • Feeling Invisible: The Black Girl Searching For Her Magic
  • Black Masculinity: Redefining Manhood on Your Terms
  • 5 Ways to Dismantle Unproductive Beliefs to Foster Secure and Enriching Relationships
  • I’m Black & Prayed Up, I Don’t Need Therapy: Shifting the Dialogue on Mental Health Support
  • Transform Your Inner Dialogue to Power Shift Your Business

If the above topics fail to meet your current needs, specific talks can be customized upon request.

Corporate Training Topics:

  • Recognize Implicit Biases and Mitigate Microaggressions in the Workplace
  • Socio-cultural Problems Impact on Employees Productivity and Team Unity
  • Effective Leadership with a Cultural Lens
  • "Debeka was an amazing speaker and workshop facilitator at the 2nd Annual Girl Conference hosted by Project Beautify You, Inc.! The girls stated her story, her tips, and her message were both inspirational and helpful for their lives. We're super grateful for Debeka pouring into the lives of our attendees and hope to work with her again! Thanks Debeka!!"

    Feyi O. PBY Inc.
  • “I don’t know how she knew me but clearly she must know everything about me. Lol. She was so raw, so honest and clearly has a gift.”

    Jackie M. American Express
  • “Debeka was amazing! I feel like I was awakened. It’s like she knew me personally and was talking directly to me.”

    Melissa S. American Express
  • “She was great, no excellent! She is so tiny but wow, what a message. Please ask her to come back.”

    Ashley W. American Express
  • “I love her message and that she was willing to share her personal story with us. It made it real for me that she wasn’t this perfect person but a person with insecurities sometimes like me.”

    Christina L. American Express
  • "Debeka Bennett is a dynamic and inspiring speaker who left my audience feeling motivated and encouraged. Debeka shared her amazing insight and personal experiences to demonstrate how women can dismantle unproductive beliefs to foster secure and enriching relationships. She was able to authentically connect with my attendees, and her delivery contributed to a phenomenal event. I would be honored to have her speak at any future event I host."

    Healthy Curves Rock
  • "Dr. Debeka Bennett is an amazing psychologist and speaker. Her passion for mental health and black women made her the perfect fit to facilitate not one but two sessions at my "Plan. Design.Shine.". The attendees, other speakers, and myself all left changed by Dr. Bennett's words and tips on how to navigate through life and business. I could not have selected a better psychologist and I am forever grateful for her shining and spreading her light."

    KeAira Chantell Events