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2017 has been a year of growth, patience, and learning the importance of self-love on another level. Most importantly, this year taught me things I was unaware needed growth. I thought I was well attuned to all parts of me, my strengths, areas of growth, triggers, you name it. But man was I wrong. This year taught me otherwise and it all started with my breakup from ex-boyfriend late 2016.

I spent the last half of 2016 attempting to effectively process my hurt, anger, and pain, while trying to embrace my new status as a single woman. I thought it would take a few months to get over my past relationship, but I quickly learned that a few months was not enough to get over a 4.5 years relationship. Stumbling my way through the rest of the year, I challenged myself to be open to all things in 2017—emotionally, physically, relationally, everything. I was desperate for something different, but most importantly happiness. This was the birth of my 2017 mantra, Open Doors.

I defined Open Doors as being open to new experiences, to permit all things that does not serve me well to leave, to open myself to all things I deem challenging, to allow the right people into my life, to accept and love myself, to be open-minded to frequent evolutions and challenging old belief systems, to be vulnerable, and to be okay with discomfort and to know that immediate fixes are not always good for growth.

To successfully be open to all things I had to relinquish control, and any preconceive notions about everything. Let me tell you, that was hard! I am the Queen of Control Kingdom! But it was the best decision I made, and I would not change it. I spent the whole year learning and challenging myself. There were few challenging encounters along the way, but I accepted help and my friends helped me grow.

My breakup appeared devastating at first, but I needed to experience it in order to grow. I had no idea my 2017 mantra, Open Doors, would have led me to this moment. As you embark on the 2018 year, reflect on this past year, identify your goals, and assess where you currently stand to determine what your 2018 mantra could be.

My mantra for 2018 is “I will run my race”; thus meaning, I will go at my pace in all areas of my life and will not allow outside influences to determine my pace and the way I choose to go about it, and will not compare my journey to anyone else.

Comment below and tell me your mantra.


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