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meet debeka bennett

My mission is to destigmatize receiving mental health support and change the narrative around seeking help for mental health challenges within Black communities.

As a young child, I was extremely empathetic. I recall being able to pick up on the slightest pain or discomfort in my relatives and the community around me. I noticed people feeling obligated to take on pressures that were not aligned with who they were or how they wanted to live their lives. These observations would often lead me to fantasize about a world where people could be themselves and express it authentically without judgment.

In my personal journey into adulthood, I learned the importance of embracing and accepting my decisions, personality, and uniqueness while moving beyond the learned behaviors, like seeking approval and validation from others, that did not add value to my life. Eventually, with the support of a therapist I learned to face my fears and delved into the lessons that have brought me to this point.

My personal experience has ignited my drive to destigmatize help seeking behaviors, while my professional experience with clients has kept the flame burning through bearing witness to my clients’ evolution overtime.

My hope is to help each person I encounter value and live their truth in spaces where it scares them.

“You are not your past experiences, the embodiment of people’s opinions of you, or your mistakes. You are a multifaceted soul and full of love, joy, resilience, and strength.”

My educational background has given me the knowledge and skills to meet your needs. This coupled with my challenging upbringing has afforded me the ability to authentically connect with people. In fact, my upbringing instilled the passion and love I have for the well-being of people that is reflected in my clinical work and outreach engagements.

fun facts

about me

  • I love to travel! My annual goal is to travel a minimum of three times a year; however, I usually exceed that goal because I always have the traveling itch.
  • I have a human-like dog. That’s right! A human-like dog name Kody. Kody believes he is a human because I spoil him as one. I cannot help it. He brings joy to my world.
  • India Arie is my all-time favorite! I can listen to her daily. She is my Aunty in my head.
  • I am an adventurous introvert. Maybe the proper term is ambivert but I am more of an introvert. Most people do not believe me because I can be very friendly, but I love to recharge alone.
  • I am a sucker for Barnes and Noble. I can never go to Barnes and Noble to get the one item I went in the store to get. It is a constant epic fail. I always leave with a bag full of items. Every time!
  • I have an obsession with cheese, especially melted cheese. It is my guilty pleasure.
  • I love animals! Horses, dogs, and dolphins are my favorite animals.