9 Valuable Tips From Black Girls Rock 2017

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Black Girls Rock!

We really do!

Last weekend I was invited to attend BLACK GIRLS ROCK! It was a phenomenal show and it was great to be among amazing Black women who are killing it in their perspective industry. Of course, I could not attend the show without sharing my experience and valuable tips I learned.

There are nine valuable tips I learned during my experience at Black Girls Rock.

  1. It is important that we go at our pace in all things we do, especially when we are on our self-exploration and career identity journey. It is important to go at a speed that feels right for us and matches our growth level.
  2. We are valuable because there is no one else like you. That alone makes us special, unique, beautiful and valuable.
  3. We should not define ourselves by the person we are not, instead praise and nurture the person we are. We are not that person for a reason. We do not have certain qualities for a reason, but the ones we do have are worth nurturing, being praised, and highlighted.
  4. We must take the time to get to know ourselves instead of becoming a replica of someone else. It is okay to be inspired by others but we must make sure we put our own twist on it.
  5. Our voices are meant to be heard regardless if someone agrees with our perspective or not.
  6. We are born to be confident and courageous and do not let anyone tell you otherwise. We should not let someone redefine our confidence as “bossy” or “acting too much”.
  7. Black women, we must thrive together so we can rise together. We must support, collaborate, and celebrate each other.
  8. Each of us have something to give that can help someone else. It does not have to be tangible, words of wisdom can be efficient.
  9. We should always be ourselves, cordial, and kind because we never know who we will encounter.

Watch the video below for additional information.

Until next time, live boldly





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