4 Ways To Love Yourself When You Do Not Love Your Decision

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Have you ever made a decision you wish you could take back or change the way you responded to someone?

I surely have. Honestly, I am guilty of shaming myself shortly afterwards for it. It really does not feel good being in that position, but I remind myself that I am human and bound to make decisions that will not always make me feel great. Gratefully, experience has taught me that it will be okay and that feeling will be short-lived. Most importantly, I can love myself even when I make poor decisions.

Thankfully there are things we can do to uplift our spirits when we are in a funk. Here are four ways to love yourself when you do not love your decisions.

1.      Separate the action you took from the person you are. You are more than the action you have taken.

2.      Give yourself grace and be objective. It is easy to beat yourself up for decisions you made but it is more effective to give yourself grace. Additionally, take in account your emotional, physical, and psychological state at the time of your decision.

3.      Identify core people in your network that can remind you that you are beautiful, well-loved, and have amazing qualities.

4.      Engage in an activity that gives you joy and make you feel alive.

Watch the video below for additional information.

Until next time, live boldly.



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